Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my subject this semester

Now I'm in part 3. I'm the Information Management student. This semester I take 7 subjects. they are divide by code and name. The subject I take, IMD 201 stand for access to information, IMD 202 Promotion of Information Products and Services, IMD 203 support services and maintenance, IMD 255 Technical Support and Services in information agencies. All this subject are related to our course, information management. Other subject are BEL 311 for English subject, CTU 264 for Islamic Information Management and Co-curriculum subject is "Sepak Takraw", HSL

Now, I will give an explain to every subject I take. Firstly, IMD 201, access to information that has 3 credit hour. The name of lecturer is Mr Mohammad Ismail Bin Pahmi. He is the funny and sporting but in the class he is become serious. The subject is maybe tough to me because it need to more reading. I do not like reading. In this subject I hope I can pass it.

From the first class to this day, IMD 202 is the best class that I was in. The lecturer is Mrs Rashidah Mohamed. She is very strict but her teaching style make me like to this subject. IMD 202 is learning about promotion. I feel it suitable to me because someday I want to be a businessman. This subject has attract me to learn skill how to promote something. I hope I can get better result in this subject.

Now, this is a tough subject to me, IMD203 stand for maintenance and support service, because it need we now the object inside the computer. It is like learn biology that we need to now and understanding everything inside our body and its function. This subject challenge me to know advance about computer. The lecturer is Miss Siti Nuur-ila. She is friendly and sporting person. His style make me easy to understand what she teach. She is good lecturer.

IMD 255 or Technical Support and Services is the subject that teach all about library.This is make me to more understand what is library and their organization. It is related to our course that more to the library. The lecturer is Mrs Nor Diana .She is very carrying person.I like him very much. It's teaching style make me so loving to this subject. I hope i can get an A in this subject.

As we go to the next subject, BEL 311. In other words it is subject English. This semester BEL 311, we need to learn for effective academic writing. Our lecturer is Sir Mohd Izzuan Ismail. He is very strict and punctual person. He want his student come to class on time. It is make me more discipline on time. I hope i can improve my writing.

Let's to the next subject, CTU 264. It is one of subject in my course this semester. We learn about science information in Islamic this subject. This subject has close relation to Islam. We learn about information in Al-quran and Hadith. Our lecturer is Ustaz *** , he is very good with his words. His words can attract the attention of the whole class. I hope i can achieve my goal to get an A for this subject.

Finally, let's talk about my favorite subject is "Sepak Takraw". It is because I really love sport. Our coach is Mr Suahaimi. He use to represent the state of Johor in "Sepak Takraw". He is full with knowledge in to teach we all to play "Sepak Takraw". I hope I will be chosen to compete in "Sepak Takraw" at KARISMA.

To sum it all up, I hope I can get better result in this semester.

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