Monday, October 18, 2010

Preview For This Semester

BEL 311: This subject has help me in improve my English language. Our lecturer Sir Izuan has teach to me how to do a term paper and always help his student until they get a good result. Although he always scolded me because I always do a fault and do not come to class but actually he is a good lecturer. He want see his student success in future.

IMD 201: This subject has teach me about library and information. I still remember when first month in this class i always pending to get what Sir Ismail teach me. But after that i have improve my self to learn more this subject. Hopefully i can get better result in this subject.

IMD 202: I think this is the best subject to me this semester. We had do a final project for this subject at outside from campus. We make a promotional to promote our faculty to school at Labis,Segamat. This subject has teach me a lot about promotion.

IMD 203: This the best class I have entered. As a man, they more like to practical from theory. In this class I had learn about computer and the component in computer. I hope i can score in this subject

IMD 255: After a few month, I still can not get what this subject talking about. This is hard to me because we learn that we do not have see it. But the lecturer so kind and sporting. She always encourage we to learn this subject. I hope i can do my best in this subject.

Ctu 264: i think this subject is very relax and no pressure. It easy to me because i learn this subject in Malay language. But this is last semester i take this subject. I hope i can score this subject for the last semester.

HBU 115: This is my co-curriculum subject. I take sepak takraw. The coach have teach me the basic and the background sepak takraw. Actually i have a basic in this game because i have representing sepak takraw for my school. But my dream to representative UiTM in sepak takraw is end when I was accidently injured my knee. I am so disappointed what happen to me.

10 Thing I Hate Most

1) I do not like being forced. When i have been forced, i will do it with unwilling heart and the work will be terrible.

2) Take my things without permission. I would be angry if someone take my stuff with out my permission. usually in college, boy always use others stuff with out permission from the owner. That why i always try to keep my things properly.

3) I do not like to be friend with someone that hot tempered because they will easy to anger if something bad happen to them.

4) Stress is one that i really hate it. It because stress can make me easy to angry and my work will not working properly.

5) I really hate to fighting because fighting just wasting energy and make your body pain.

6) Hate when my things disappear it is because i will become desperate to find back my things.

7) I really hate wait to download something from Internet because it just wasting my time to wait.

8) Hate to wear glasses but i still wear it in class.
9) The most I hate is to queue because I do not like to stand for a long time and wasting time to queue.

10) Hate to be serious because i do not like to be serious. I think serious can just on the time only.

10 Fact About Me

1. Love to smile and smile
Actually, I love to smile because with smile we can hide the problam that we face. Everybody easy with a people that always smile.

2. Sportsman
I can play many game and sport such as football, skateboarding, sepak takraw, volleyball, petanque, and futsal. I active in sport since I was 13 years old.

3. Not smoker
Many people always things that I smoke. But in reality I do not smoke because smoking can make our life became short and got a many sickness. As a sportsman, smoking can make our stamina low and not fit. Many man say smoking is cool but not.

4. Love chocolate
Chocolate is one of my favourite. Every time I go to shop or supermarket I will never forget to buy a chocolate.

5. Not easy to cry
It is one of my problam because i was hard to crying althougt in sad situations. I hope I can cry some day.

6. Love to laugh
Every people know that I love to laugh. I easy to laugh althougt it is not funny to everyone. I think laugh can avoid me from stress.

7. Forgetful
I am forgetful person. I am easy to forgetful. Sometimes I can forget where i put my things just a second I put it. To avoid it, I always bring a note book to take a note. But still forget to see my note.

8. Sneezing
my nose is so sensitive. If I just smell a smoke from a smokers or stink perfume it can make me to sneezing.

9. I do not like seafood
It is because i do not like it. I do not know why i still can not eat it. But I can eat fish because the most of protein get from fish.

10. Easy to sweat
I do not know why i always sweat. Many people say that if you sweat you will healty but I do not think so. When I eating, I will sweat a lot.

Memory of Ramadhan

Memory in Ramadan that i will not forget in my life is when all my classmate and me together all break fast at restaurant Juara Ikan Bakar. It is bring a meaningful mean to me because it make me become more close to all my classmate.

At 6 o’clock, all members class D3E1 gather at bus stop to wait bus before go to restaurant Juara Ikan Bakar. We all decide to go there because it food is famous around Segamat. We all just take a bus to go there. Ain diyana as a person who responsibility to do this program has been make a booking before this. I was very excited because i will lead to pray for eating.

After break fast, we all go to “Dataran Segamat” and play a game that call “true or dare”. In this game, all person must tell their contents in their hearts. It is make we all more close and closer.

At 9 o’clock, we all decide go back to UiTM. It is because we all does not take a risk when late back to UiTM. After all, i am so tired but enjoy and happy with the all thing.

Being A Senior

Being a senior is happy to me because I will not being bully by a senior again. But I will not do it to my junior. As a senior I will show to my junior a good attitude to make them respect to me. It is because when do something that not easy to them, they will be protest and not respect to the senior.

Honestly to say that I am not feel like a senior yet because we just a part 3 student, not in final year student. It is because there are still has a senior in part 4,5 and 6. I still call them “akak” and “abang”.

Sometimes, has a junior call me “abang” but seriously i feel not easy with that. I prefer call me as Naqib than “abang” because I just want make them as a friend.

My Roommate

This semester I been placing into a new room which is SR 001 at collage Sempana Riau with a new roommate. I have 4 roommate this semester. Firstly, my roommate is Muhamad Haikal bin Abdul Halim and i call him “Atai”. Currently, he is in semester 3. His hometown is in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He is youngest in their siblings.
Furthermore, he is majoring in diploma business studies. He is a kind person and not stingy. He always bring back many food before back to UiTM.

Secondly, my roommate is Fuad bin Othman or we call him “ott”. He is always smile and sometime can be a strict person. He is a class Representative in her class. Actually, he and atai is in the same class and same hometown,Seremban.

Lastly is Fathul Fadzrin or we call him “im or raja”. He is from Mersing,Johor. he is in part 3 just like me and majoring in diploma in accounting. He is funniest guy and always laugh with me. He is representing in football team for UiTM Segamat.