Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Thing I Hate Most

1) I do not like being forced. When i have been forced, i will do it with unwilling heart and the work will be terrible.

2) Take my things without permission. I would be angry if someone take my stuff with out my permission. usually in college, boy always use others stuff with out permission from the owner. That why i always try to keep my things properly.

3) I do not like to be friend with someone that hot tempered because they will easy to anger if something bad happen to them.

4) Stress is one that i really hate it. It because stress can make me easy to angry and my work will not working properly.

5) I really hate to fighting because fighting just wasting energy and make your body pain.

6) Hate when my things disappear it is because i will become desperate to find back my things.

7) I really hate wait to download something from Internet because it just wasting my time to wait.

8) Hate to wear glasses but i still wear it in class.
9) The most I hate is to queue because I do not like to stand for a long time and wasting time to queue.

10) Hate to be serious because i do not like to be serious. I think serious can just on the time only.

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