Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Fact About Me

1. Love to smile and smile
Actually, I love to smile because with smile we can hide the problam that we face. Everybody easy with a people that always smile.

2. Sportsman
I can play many game and sport such as football, skateboarding, sepak takraw, volleyball, petanque, and futsal. I active in sport since I was 13 years old.

3. Not smoker
Many people always things that I smoke. But in reality I do not smoke because smoking can make our life became short and got a many sickness. As a sportsman, smoking can make our stamina low and not fit. Many man say smoking is cool but not.

4. Love chocolate
Chocolate is one of my favourite. Every time I go to shop or supermarket I will never forget to buy a chocolate.

5. Not easy to cry
It is one of my problam because i was hard to crying althougt in sad situations. I hope I can cry some day.

6. Love to laugh
Every people know that I love to laugh. I easy to laugh althougt it is not funny to everyone. I think laugh can avoid me from stress.

7. Forgetful
I am forgetful person. I am easy to forgetful. Sometimes I can forget where i put my things just a second I put it. To avoid it, I always bring a note book to take a note. But still forget to see my note.

8. Sneezing
my nose is so sensitive. If I just smell a smoke from a smokers or stink perfume it can make me to sneezing.

9. I do not like seafood
It is because i do not like it. I do not know why i still can not eat it. But I can eat fish because the most of protein get from fish.

10. Easy to sweat
I do not know why i always sweat. Many people say that if you sweat you will healty but I do not think so. When I eating, I will sweat a lot.

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